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Efficiency of Automated Parking SystemsAutomated parking systems are highly efficient compared to traditional parking systems. To really understand why automated parking systems are so efficient, first looking at the traditional car park is important.
The traditional car parks or parking garages that exist now are inherently inefficient by design. Requiring huge amounts of space, sometimes as large as an entire block, the parking garage sometimes parks less than half of the cars that should be able to fit into the building. The reason for this massive inefficiency is due to requiring roads for inbound and outbound traffic to the parking post, and for pedestrians to both walk and exit and enter the building.
In contrast, the automated parking system is designed to park cars in the most efficient way possible. Without requiring space for pedestrian traffic or for vehicle traffic, an automated parking system can focus on what its intention truly is – parking cars. These systems reduce inefficiency by;
  1. Not requiring space consuming access ramps.
  2. Not requiring access lanes.
  3. Not requiring height to accommodate very tall people.
  4. Not requiring sidewalks or elevators or staircases.
These efficient automated systems work simply;
  1. The driver of the vehicle drives their car into the car port and parks their car on a lift.
  2. The driver walks away and the lift begins.
  3. The lift will take the car to the nearest open port, lifting the car and transporting it on any of the three dimensional planes – up or down, left or right and deeper or closer.
  4. When the driver returns, the system works in reverse and delivers the car ready for the driver to drive away in.
This fantastic automated design has proven to earn owners of automated parking systems can hold two cars where a traditional car park could hold on. These systems also require less maintenance. Lastly they require fewer employees, in many cases being completely self-sufficient and not requiring an attendant.
But efficiency isn't just for the owner of an automated parking system, the consumer also benefits. When a consumer wants to retrieve their car, these systems have a response time even at their busiest of less than 3 minutes. Compared to a driver who has to walk to their car, and then drive out this efficiency is very apparent. Additionally, as the cars are held in a protected interior, an owner need not worry about theft or vandalism.
The benefits of an automated car parking system are highly apparent when looking at their improvements on efficiency in contrast to traditional car parks. These benefits are seen by both the owner and the consumer, which speaks to the future of automated parking systems. Simply put, these systems are designed for efficiency.
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